Video Prices

Tier 1 – $45/hour

Simple editing, such as splitting clips or simple titles, outputting to web and/or DVD.


  • Taking a longer video and editing short clips of the content.
  • Splitting a longer clip in half.
  • Converting clips into formats more suitable for web-based playback such as Youtube and Vimeo.
  • DVD Output
  • Putting together several clips into a short video

Generally anything that just requires simple stitching together and editing, including simple static title screens and lower thirds.

Tier 2 –  $60/hour

Motion graphics, advanced titles, chroma keying and other special effects. Also includes closed captioning and output to multiple formats.


  • Creating a motion title, using different effects and particle systems.
  • Creating graphically complex titles and cards.
  • Adding special effects to a scene, such as chroma keying

Generally adding content created by me beyond simple static titles and lower thirds.

Tier 3 – $75/hour

Production of full project including filming.

Generally any filming that needs to be done falls under this rate.

All hourly is in addition to an initial flat fee that matches the hourly rate. (e.g. Tier 1 would be a $45 flat fee plus $45 an hour, making it $90 for one hour, $135 for two hours, and so on)

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