Portraits, CD Covers & More


Been a while! Got a couple of new projects done.  Click through to read about them


First off, I did a portrait session of my friend John for a school project.

It went pretty well.  We were supposed to do a formal portrait and then an informal portrait that told us about the person we were photographing.  The first one is pretty self-explanatory, but the second I wanted to do a kind of “against mainstream” thing, with him choosing not to sit on the bench even though it is right there.  See the rest of the gallery here.

Photo Retouching

I also used one of these photos for a photo retouching project.  You can see the result here:

See gallery linked above for a larger size.

CD Covers

I also worked with John and my friend Ann for a CD Cover project.

In the first one, I was going for a rock and roll type cover.  The second one was trying to imitate hipster/indie bands I’ve seen.  And the third was supposed to be New Age or something like that!  You can see the rest of the gallery here.

And More!

Not much left but another product shot I did!

See the rest of the gallery here.

And I suppose that’s that!  Don’t forget to Become a Fan on Facebook or follow me on Twitter! And as always prints are available!

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